Thursday, 2 August 2012

London Rajar - Q2/2012

The latest Rajar audience figures for Q2/2012 have now been published and, as usual, here's my guide to what's happening in London.

This quarter just about everybody in London has gone down. A few, including Absolute and Gold (London) have bucked the trend. I'm surprised LBC 97.3 didn't do better because of the London Mayoral and Assembly elections during this quarter - and especially 'lift-gate'.

As usual, though, I make my usual caveat about not taking a single quarter's figures in isolation - a year-on-year comparison is the better one.

As usual the 'Big Four' - Capital, Heart, Kiss and Magic - have been shuffling around.

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Now here's a couple of new charts.

I thought it might be interesting to track the main stations' performance over the past few years - including the BBC and commercial nationals. As you can see, it highlights the way the main stations regularly change places.

Note: Figures used in all charts for 'Absolute' are 'Total Absolute Radio (London)'

Survey period - 2nd April - 24th June 2012. Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB.

You can find the previous quarter's charts here and Q1/2011 here.

There is also, as always, some excellent coverage and commentary from James Cridland, Matt Deegan and Adam Bowie, as well as Media UK and Radio Today.

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  1. Some points of interest from your graphs.

    Gold has a larger share than Smooth which has dived. Quoted at 53% loss according to Adam Bowie's blog. Should be interesting to see if that will have any indication of Global's intentions with 102.2 in the future.

    LBC has managed to make the Anthony Davis show work as it's now the market leading show and Duncan Barkes appears to have built on the audience lost by Cristo, but look at Steve Allen's share, impressive.